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Information and links

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  • Canada: An online tool allowing the creation of customised rankings. The mandate to develop this Rankings tool was given to Mclean, a publishing company, by the Canadian government. tools.macleans.ca/ra­nking2007/selectindicators.aspx
  • Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP): College and University Ranking Systems A monograph containing papers that comment on the methodology of rankings and their impact on the academic landscape. www.ihep.org
  • Mcleans.ca – University Rankings: www.macleans.ca/arti­cle.jsp?content=20070411_171925_6556
  • World Education News and Reviews: World Education Services (WES) is the leading source of international education intelligence. WES is a not for profit organization with over thirty years’ experience evaluating international credentials. WES provides more than 50,000 evaluations each year that are accepted by thousands of academic institutions, employers, licensing and certification boards and government agencies in the U.S. and Canada. www.wes.org/ewenr/PF­/06aug/pfpractical.htm