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K.N.Toosi University of Technologysearch L T
Kafrelsheikh Universitysearch T
Kagawa Universitysearch T
Kagoshima Universitysearch S L Q T
Kaiserslautern University of Technologysearch S L T Q
Kanazawa Universitysearch S L Q T
Kangwon National Universitysearch L S
Kansai Universitysearch T
Kansai Medical Universitysearch T
University of Kansassearch S L T Q
University of Kansas Medical Centersearch S
Kansas State Universitysearch S L T Q
Kaohsiung Medical Universitysearch S L Q T
Karabuk Universitysearch T
University of Karachisearch T Q
Karadeniz Technical Universitysearch L
Karaganda State Technical Universitysearch Q
Karaganda State Buketov Universitysearch Q
Karlsruhe Institute of Technologysearch L Q T S
Karlstad Universitysearch T
Karolinska Institutesearch S Q T L
Kasetsart Universitysearch Q T L
Kashan Universitysearch T L
University of Kasselsearch L S
Kaunas University of Technologysearch Q T
Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languagessearch Q
Kazakh National Pedagogical Universitysearch Q
Kazakh National Agrarian Universitysearch Q
Kazakh-British Technical Universitysearch Q
Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Researchsearch Q
Kazan Federal Universitysearch Q T L S
Keele Universitysearch S T Q L
Keimyung Universitysearch L
Keio Universitysearch S Q L T
University of Kent at Canterburysearch Q L T S
Kent State Universitysearch S T L Q
University of Kentuckysearch S L Q T
University of Keralasearch T
Kerman University of Medical Sciencessearch T
Khalifa Universitysearch T Q L S
Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronicssearch T
Khazar Universitysearch Q
Khon Kaen Universitysearch L Q T
University of Kielsearch S Q L T
Kindai Universitysearch S L T
King Abdul Aziz Universitysearch L S
King Abdulaziz Universitysearch L S Q T
King Abdullah University of Science and Technologysearch S L Q
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Mineralssearch Q S L T
King Faisal Universitysearch Q
King George’s Medical Universitysearch T
King Khalid Universitysearch Q T
King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabangsearch Q T
King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburisearch Q T
King Saud Universitysearch Q S L T
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciencessearch T
King’s College Londonsearch S Q T L
Kingston Universitysearch Q T
Kitasato Universitysearch L T S
University of Klagenfurtsearch Q T S
Kobe Universitysearch S Q L T
Koc Universitysearch Q T S L
Kocaeli Universitysearch L
Kochi Universitysearch T
Konkuk Universitysearch L Q T S
University of Konstanzsearch S T L Q
Korea Universitysearch S Q L T
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technologysearch S Q T L
KTH - Royal Institute of Technologysearch S Q L T
University of Kuala Lumpursearch Q
University of Kufasearch Q
Kumamoto Universitysearch S L Q T
Kunming University of Science and Technologysearch L S
University of Kuopiosearch S
Kurdistan Universitysearch T
Kurdistan University of Medical Sciencessearch T
Kurume Universitysearch T
Kuwait Universitysearch T Q L
Kwangwoon Universitysearch L S
Kwansei Gakuin Universitysearch T
University of KwaZulu-Natalsearch S L Q T
Kyoto Institute of Technologysearch T Q
Kyoto Universitysearch S Q T L
Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicinesearch T L
Kyoto Sangyo Universitysearch S
Kyung Hee Universitysearch L Q S T
Kyungpook National Universitysearch S L Q T
Kyushu Institute of Technologysearch Q T S
Kyushu Universitysearch S L Q T