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International rankings of universities exercise a strong influence on public opinion, which is why the University of Zurich is proud of its good to excellent results in both overall university rankings and in rankings that rate according to discipline.

Nevertheless, it is important to understand that rankings are often over-simplified in the media, increasing the risk of providing false – or incomplete – information. Very different data and methods are used to rank universities: there are regional and international approaches, and some rankings are done according to range of subjects offered and target audience. As a result, it is rather difficult to gauge the value and relevance of the final results.

Generally speaking, rankings should be taken with a grain of salt, and UZH as an organization does not use rankings as a benchmark for strategic decisions.

UZH does, however, carefully follow the development of the various rankings and has an interest in a nuanced understanding of how they are done and what they imply. The following web pages are part of the University’s efforts to better inform the public about rankings.

Please find more information on our website on rankings.


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